In simple words we can describe Casinos as Gambling House. If we use the term Virtual Casino then it means the digital form of traditional Casino or Gambling house. It is called internet casino also. It enable gamblers to play games from anywhere through Mobile phone, laptop other electronic devices.

The games available in traditional casinos like slot machines, various card and dice games. Some of these games are very popular because of its specialities, that recognised widely as Keno, Scratch tickets, lottery games and advanced dimensions slots. All above games are available on virtual worldalso, we can play these games in one click.

Today many Virtual Casino sites provides slot games, cards and dice games with very fast and advance features. Playon99 is the one of those websites that allows users to enter casino sitting in homes, traveling in bus or train.

Playon99 provides different type of slot games in its virtual casino segment. These slot games are classic slot, Five reel slots, Slot bearing multiple paylines, Progressive slots, I slots or online slots with mini games, Virtual Reality slots, 3D Slots. With widely popular features, these slots games called specific virtual slot games. Playon99 is two step forward including advanced slots game in online casino world.

Top Trending Virtual (VR) Casino games

Bullet VR Roulette

Bullet VR Roulette game is four players game. Each player randomly become itโ€™s six virtually designed character. All players sit on round table and play according to cards. There is a gun in center of table according to card players pic the gun and shoot each others. It is very interesting game. Bullet VR Roulette game is very popular in USA and Russia.

Casino VR Poker:

It categorized as multiplayer games and it is free also. This game is fully designed with latest technology of gaming industry. And specially designed for the โ€˜OCULUS RIFT and SAMSUNG GEAR VR PLATFORMS.โ€™ You can enjoy it in comfort zone of your home.


Blackjack is casino game based on banking game. It is one of top trending game and most widely played virtual casino game in the world. It uses decks of 52 cards descends from a global family of virtual casino which is known as twenty-one. Formerly in traditional casinos it was known as Black Jack and Vingt-Un.


Virtual casino slots are computerized version of physical slot machine game. There are additional features like scatter symbols, wild symbols and also interactive bonuses in Virtual version of slots.

Big Spin Slots on Gear VR

Big Spin Slots is ultimate and most advanced virtual reality slots. This is specifically designed for Gear VR. It is categorized in VIP Virtual Casino. The highly designed big spin slots attract every users and players of online games.

Apollo Slots VR

This is widely popular Virtual casino games. Gaming Solutions Apollo Games designed it in very advanced form. This is so easy and players friendly. A new user can play it easily.

Big Hits Casinos- Classic VR Slot

Big Hits Casinos are very similar to virtual slot games. It offers to users virtual world as real world.

Fortune Frenzy:

Fortune Frenzy is virtual casino game. This is designed as 3 reels slot machine game. When you play this game it sounds might familiar.

VR Casino:

VR casino are trending game at present time. It offers table and slot both casino games. You can enjoy it on playon99 gaming sites.

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